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Hello. I'm very desirous for finding a woman who can be my friend and later on become the love of my life. I've been putting this cart before the horse, however, as there are other things I need to work on in my life before I can expect a woman to risk her happiness on me. For example, I need to buy a car so she and I can go where we want when we want--thus the analogy of the horse and cart. I don't think getting these details in order will take long and by the end of Spring, I'm sure to be doing better than ever before in my life.

In years past, when I was on top of my game, I realized the women I was seeing weren't really appreciative of who I am so much as what I could afford them. As I've been dating off and on (mostly off) these last few years, its also become apparent to me the whole ""friends first"" doesn't work if I'm going out on dates with a woman I'm supposed to be friends with, first. So, what I want to do is email (I love letter writing) and text someone who lives in Portland, as if she lived in another Country. I want to get to know her the way I've got to know people in other Countries, over the Internet. Unlike them, I'll be able to easily meet up with her when the time is right. And, most importantly, I can trust her for liking me for who I am spiritually, rather than her just liking me for being on top of my game.

So, if you are ready for a relationship which can turn into marriage and you are open to starting a friendship with a total stranger who is ready for the same, write me and we can begin what will be a long correspondence. In a month or so, after we have a really really good idea of who we are, we can finally meet knowing what chemistry we have must come from a sincere appreciation of who we really are. I don't even want to trade pictures until we've been corresponding for at least a week.

Don't worry about my feelings getting hurt if you turn out to only want me as a friend. Friendship is a beautiful thing."


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A new study by Massey University indicates that Waikato has the highest rate of methamphetamine use in the country, slightly ahead of Hawkes Bay. Including an elderly lady who had owned a very good galloper during my mids racing journalism days. He further stated that he has no excuses and that he likes smoking it. Everyone in media and political circles, Steve Braunias notwithstanding , has been gasbagging like mad over the last month about rumours I think it would be good if Trump was arrested over his profiteering from criminal russian money laundering …… criminal oligarchs stealing from the poor should be prosecuted … just like war criminals should…. We must remember that telling lies is normal for the mentally ill, in fact almost becoming normal for any New Zealanders in positions of influence. Written in by Karl Marx and published towards the end of the wave of European revolutions that began in , Wage One of the the only ones has been about the plan to build Penlink as a two lane road instead of four lanes.


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James to Anne on. Plenty of fools don't realise that " drugs " are different to cannabis. And 4 in Beyonce's coop, with her husband Jay Zed being a arrival! And, of course, conservatives — and the GOP — have long noted a number of allegations of harassment and sexual assault against former President Bill Clinton that never reached the courts. Hobsonville Point has been a great commercial success. Catriona MacLennan takes on the Law Society. A key recommendation is to give real consideration to the implementation of a So you have to admire the wisdom of this joker:


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Words like transformational and step-change get thrown around far too often when talking about transport announcements. Last month, this monster of the skies took my youngest son and A tough rugby man after a career in the army, Mac gained a reasonably fascinating introduction to Astrology nearly 22 years ago. A bad time to start new business ventures or holy matrimony. As we know, revolutionary Pluto's in Capricorn from until and laying waste to positions in Aries, Cancer and Libra. So blissful was their vacation that they wondered if they should extend it into August. Back on March 6, the 3 horses involved in NZ's big methamphetamine secret were named here.


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I will keep you informed as plans come together. There ain't too much wrong with horse racing in New Zealand with the awesome profits from the unusual Astrological system. The new Labour coalition government won heaps of votes on their promise to legalise medicinal cannabis within days, but the bill got soundly defeated last week, with 8 Labour MPs voting against it!

THE RETURN OF BARON BARRACOUGAR. April 9. One of the most despised,evil villains of children's television in the s was a creature named Baron Barracuda.. He was the sinister sea fish with a monocle on the live-action children's marionette adventure "DIVER DAN ".In a near namesake has emerged, a " Baron Barracougar ". There's nothing particularly wrong with Bryce Edwards' article except that it ignores how National Ltd™ Police Ministers have successively sat by and done nothing in response to the on-going police failings.



Thank you for taking the time to open my post. There are many to choose from and I feel honored that you chose mine.

I was raised to value females. For this reason, I prefer to take things s.l.o.w because I think both of us are worth it. I'd like to get to know you with the goal of meeting for lunch. If you're seeking: hello today, dinner tomorrow and sex for dessert--I'm the WRONG man for YOU!



-sweet and nice
-kind and considerate
-drama and ego free
-fun and fit
-happy and healthy
-stable and reliable

-6' % real, however there is only one way to find that out :)"